Power Apps

Tailor-made applications for your business


It's now possible to easily make applications that run in mobile phones and tablets – without knowing any programming language – and tailored to all your business processes

These apps, with little or no code, developed in Microsoft Power Apps are able to digitize your business processes, modernizing and replacing manual procedures on paper, email and single spreadsheets.

The result? Increased productivity and grater efficiency in management.

At the end of this course, the trainees should have acquired the skills needed to create their own apps and integrate automated workflows with Power Automate.

A professional training certificate will be issued on the SIGO platform, in accordance with Ordinance No. 474/2010 of July 8.


  • Who should attend

    Professionals from various areas looking to develop low code/no-code applications through Microsoft Power Apps.

  • Duration

    16 hours

  • Requirements

    This training has no pre-requisites.

  • Resources

    Trainees should bring their laptop and smartphone, with internet connection and with Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate installed.

Programme Outline

  • Day 1

    Getting started with Microsoft Power Apps

    • What is Power Apps and what is it for?
    • What is Power Apps and what is it for?
    • What are the advantages of Power Apps?
    • Data integration
    • Tool recognition
    • Driving digital transformation
    • Power Apps licenses

    Create an app in Power Apps

    • Power Apps MenuPower Apps Menu
    • Starting with data
    • Create your own app
    • Create an app from a customizable template

    Create an app from the data

    • Explore your first app
    • Explore your first app
    • Customize your first app
    • Diagnose, rectify and test the application
    • App settings
    • Save and publish your app
    • Share your app
    • Control your app
    • Play the app in Power Apps mobile

    Developing the style of an application

    • Data sources
    • Add screens
    • Understand forms and cards

    Creating an application from Scratch

    • Add new screens
    • Set the color theme
    • Create galleries
    • Create labels, buttons and icons
    • Insert text controls
    • Insert input controls
    • Create forms
    • Modify controls on forms
    • Add media
    • Insert charts
  • Day 2

    Atribuir funcionalidades a uma aplicação Assign features to an app

    • Documentação e comunidades
    • Ligação entre diferentes ecrãs
    • Formatação de dados
    • Filtrar registos
    • Criar e modificar registos de formulários
    • Outras funções
    • Variáveis do Power Apps
    • Criar e modificar registos em coleções
    • Criar e exportar componentes
    • Criar e exportar soluções
    • Testar a app no Power Apps para Windows
    • Diagnosticar a app
    • Analisar a app

    Microsoft Dataverse

    • Explorar o Modelo de Dados Comuns (Common Data Model - CDM)
    • Explorar uma tabela
    • Gestão de tabelas

    Introduction to model-conditioned applications

    • Main differences between model-conditioned applications and screen applications
    • Create the first model-conditioned application
    • Publish the app

    Getting started with Microsoft Power Automate

    • What is Power Automate?
    • What is Power Automate?
    • Create a stream in Power Automate
    • Integrate a stream into Power Apps

Locations and Dates

  • Porto
    • Date: 14th and  15th of March of 2022, from 09h00 to 18h00
    • Address: Rua Engenheiro Ferreira Dias, 161 - Porto
    • NoteThis training is live-streamed
  • Lisboa
    • Date: 29th and  30th of March of 2022, from 09h00 to 18h00
    • Address: TBA
    • Nota:This training is live-streamed
  • Testimonial Ricardo Vieira

    The training has a content with a wide range of options that makes it possible to explore all the layers of a first layer of interactivity between the user and the application, it was great for branching out the knowledge. The skills acquired are an asset in a market where information is worth as much or more than action/intervention and where the PowerApps created become an indispensable tool in capturing and organising this same information.

    Ricardo Vieira, Specialised Services Technician - ccenergia