Power BI Applied to Management and Finance - Level 1

Automate reporting processes and create interactive dashboards for desktop, browser and mobile


At the end of the course, the trainees will be able to gather information from several sources, cleaning it, changing it and organize it, in order to make substantiated management decisions. The trainees will also be able to build dynamic reports and dashboards from previously collected data.

This course is designed to all professionals who seek to combine knowledge and experience in management, report, views e data analysis, taking advantage of the potential of this new technology of Business Intelligence.

A professional training certificate will be issued on the SIGO platform, in accordance with Ordinance No. 474/2010 of July 8.
Who should

  • Who should attend

    Managers, Analysts, Controllers, CFO, Consultants, Accountants, and junior professionals who seek specialization in this area.

  • Resources

    The trainees must bring their own personal computers, with Excel and Power BI installed. Power BI accounts will be provided.

  • Requirements

    There are no requirements for this course. We will accept trainees from diferent areas, even if they do not have knowledge of Power BI or Excel.

  • Duration

    16 hours on-site or Live Streaming

  • OCC Credits

    24 Credits - Professionals who attend this training course and are Certified Accountants may submit their training certificate issued by Portal Gestão to the Order of Certified Accountants to be credited with the points obtained, depending on the number of hours attended (1.5 credits for each hour of training)

Programme Outline

  • Day 1

    What is Power BI?

    • Discovering Power BI components: Power BI Desktop, Power BI Service and Power BI Mobile.
    • Identify the interest of multiple users in each one of the Power BI components.
    • Using Power BI and Excel: Power Supplements.

    Build reports and dashboards

    • Use the different types of Power BI visuals
    • Build combined charts, scatter plots, funnel charts, speedometers, cascading charts
    • Design tables and matrices
    • Use geographic information to build interactive maps
    • Build and use slicers to filter visuals
    • Discover relevant information through the drill-down function
    • Convert reports into dashboards.

    Import and edit data with Power Query

    • Import data from several sources to Power BI and Excel: databases, WEB, social media, files, .CSV, Excel and other sources for Excel and Power BI
    • Convert different format data depending on regional settings
    • Solve different kinds of errors
    • Fill the missing data
    • Normalize data for analysis
    • Advanced editor and Power Query M language
    • Import and edit data from a directory
    • Unsupported columns
    • Merge queries: add and merge
    • Pass and cancel unsupported columns in complex scenarios
    • Create personalized functions
    • Develop an automatic weather forecast model
  • Day 2

    Create and manage data models

    • What’s a data model?
    • Establish connections between fields and tables
    • Create calculated columns
    • Define different types of hierarchy between fields

    Work in groups with Power BI

    • Understand what workplaces and work groups are
    • Publicar e partilhar relatórios para o Power BI Service
    • Definir opções de partilha de informação
    • Definições de segurança
    • Row level security

    Good practices in building management dashboards

    • Improve design effectiveness through themes for Power BI Desktop
    • Analyze data using average, quartile and trend lines
    • Optimize reports and dashboards to computers and mobile devices
    • Create presentations with Power BI: the selection panel and button-driven custom actions
    • Calculate measures and columns
    • Essential DAX expressions

    Good practices in data management

    • Real time data: Transmission data sets
    • Keep the data automatically updated with a Data Gateway
    • Integrate Power Apps and Flow into Power BI
    • Explore Dataflow in Power BI

Locations and Dates

  • Porto
    • Data:  02th and  03th of Februaryof 2022, from 09h00 to 18h00
    • Address: Rua Engenheiro Ferreira Dias, 161 - Porto 
    • NoteThis training is live-streamed
  • Lisboa
    • Date: 10th and 11th of March of 2022, from 09h00 to 18h00Address: TBA
    • NoteThis training is live-streamed
  • Madeira
    • Data: 10th e 11th of February of 2022, from 09h00 to 18h00 | Address:TBA
    • NoteThis training is live-streamed

The Trainer:

Isadora Lupchinski is our Power BI trainer. She is also consultant of business intelligence, where she desevolps implementation projects with out clients. Seh has a degree in Statistics and loves data analysis and result interpretation.

“I believe that every person has a book within them, containing a unique value that they can offer to the world - and the book that I have within me, has competencies modelled with a statistically significant p-value” – Isadora Lupchinski


  • Testimonial Rogério Florença

    The course itself, the interaction with the other trainees and the didactic quality of the trainer (Nuno Nogueira) allowed me a range of opportunities to explore the tool, helping me to simplify and free up time to analyse the data in depth and consequently improve the quality of the information to be provided to other internal and external partners. The training on this tool has helped me to reduce by about 3 to 4 days the routine of work that used to take up a month.

    Rogério Florença, Head of Finance - Solvay Portugal
  • Testimonial Ricardo Teixeira

    The Power BI training allowed us to deepen our knowledge of this fantastic tool.  During the course we confirmed the power of this tool and the usefulness that it can have in our daily lives.
    I strongly recommend it!

    Ricardo Teixeira, CFO – Husqvarna Group
  • Testimonial Bruno Barbas

    As a member of a finance department, this training was exceptional. The contents of the training, if properly applied, are an asset for any professional, both in the processing of data, presentation and profitation of time.

    The trainer, Isadora Lupchinski was excellent at all levels. She has managed to pass numerous methods and ways of working with Power BI, in a training that only sins because it’s short, such is the potential of this program.

    In my opinion, the relationship between all the trainees was excellent. We all finished the training with a different perspective of Power BI.

    Bruno Barbas, Controlling – Fábrica de Tintas 2000 S.A.
  • Testimonial Joaquim Rodrigues

    A training of great value!

    It was undoubtedly a demonstration of the immense potential of Power BI, a tool that will allow me to take my results to a higher level, in the sense that I/we can be more effective along the way, always knowing the right direction to follow and being prepared to correct the deviations at the right time. I see the portential in this tool not only for my (commercial) area, but as an asset in all functions/areas that KPI's are a key factor. If we measure the results, we can "overcome" them!

    Joaquim Rodrigues, COMERCIAL PT & ESP, Operational Management in SPAIn – JOÃO VIOLAS & FILHO LDA
  • Testimonial Pedro Duarte

    The training I attended in Power BI was very important, since it allowed me to understand how this tool works and what can be obtained from it. It has great potential, very dynamic, and as of  now, I'm using Power BI in my role, regarding the analysis of profitability of projects with application of dashboards :)

    Pedro Duarte, Management Controller –Gestamp Aveiro, S.A.
  • Testimonial Paulo Cruz

    The training "Power BI Applied to Management and Finance Level 1", as a whole, was quite beneficial. The adequacy, clarity, relevance and deepening of the contents was excellent, having been so (in terms of acquisition and consolidation of knowledge, some already forgotten... Management and Finances), very useful, especially for those in the area of Information Systems.

    The acquisition of new knowledge of Power BI was very useful, both to improve my professional and personal performance engaging with / adequacy of the tool, to the "processes" already existing in the company.

    The relationship with the other trainees and with the trainer was also excellent, and in my opinion contributed to the good pace that this training had (the appropriate one for this level).

    Paulo Cruz,  IT Technician –APL - Administração do Porto de Lisboa S.A.
  • Testimonial Francisco António Cunha Vaz

    It was a very positive experience. You've broadened my knowledge of the subject. The trainer was an excellent professional, both in terms of knowledge and the way the training was directed. Colleagues were also very helpful.

    Francisco António Cunha Vaz,  CEO  Ibersaco Industria, LDA.
  • Testimonial Ana Santos

    The training is quite well structured and provides the necessary foundations to start using Power BI. The content is quite interesting and it’s taught in a very comprehensible way. I recommend it to those who don’t know how to use this tool.

    Ana Santos, Technical Planning and Management Control